The cure for boredom is here!

Just in time for Christmas!


About the Game:

  • Great for two or more players.

  • Fun for all ages from 8 to 88. (Seriously, this is not just a game for kids.)

  • Junior Version Available for ages 4-7

  • Easy to learn; easy to play.

  • You decide how long to play. 5, 10, 20 minutes or more. It's up to you.

  • For an extra challenge add the optional bluffing rule to the game.


  • Open: Start a new set with two matching cards.

  • Build: Add to your sets.

  • Steal: Take sets from other players.

  • Bag-O-Loot: Five matching cards completes the set.

Sounds simple, right? Well it is... or is it? When should you use a looter card? Should you go out or wait? Do you remember what is in that Bag-O-Loot?

Special Note:

​Did you purchase Bag-O-Loot before October 1, 2020? The rules have changed. Upload the new rules here:



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