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Seeking Talent

Positions Open: Drumer and/or Percussionist

Looking for a well versed drummer and/or percussionist to be part of this amazing new show. Planing to start performing in 2022. 

While the music is rock based, we need someone who can easily add country, jazz, latin, and funky flavors to the music. We want someone who understands the importance of dynamics and can deliver colorful fills and transitions.

"Man on the Hill" is a two act fable-opus: a story told through narration and song. Think of it as a mini rock-opera. The music style is American with roots in classic rock, country, jazz, ballads, funk, and novelty. 

If you are interested in doing something different with your music, this promises to be a worthwhile adventure provided you are the type of musician who:

  • Knows the value of rehearsing and practicing and prefers working with others of the same level of commitment.

  • Would find a great sense of fulfillment in being part of something that truly touches the hearts and souls of audience members.

  • Has a strong creative drive and willingness to contribute ideas while at the same time able to take direction.

Here is a promo from the show that was made just prior to Covid-19 shutting it all down last year. There are clips from ten of the sixteen songs in the show:

The band (so far) consists of myself, a saxaphone player, a bass player, a keyboard player, and a lead guitarist. Combined we have over 200 years of professional experiences. We have gear, connections, motovation and a have rehersal space in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. 

We have two distinct goals in mind:

  • Creating a high-level professional stage show (we will not be playing in bars and restaurants) that leaves the audience laughing, crying, clapping, and singing along. A show that touches their very soul and has them going home and sharing the experience with their family and friends.

  • Make money doing this. We are not doing this as a fun or casual hobby. We are driven to find success in a limited market. The uniqueness of this show should open doors not usually available to most bands.

If you feel you have the talent and the drive to be part of this project, please reply here.  I look forward to talking to you and to hearing what you have to offer.



Sounds interesting, tell me more, please.

Thank you. I'll be in touch shortly.

Read more about the show here and more about me here.

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