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Fill out this form to ask a question or to request a booking or interview. 

This booking request form is your first step to quality, professional entertainment. Whether you are looking to host or promote the full theater production of Man On The Hill or if you want musical entertainment at your venue or an event or even an in-home concert this is the place to start. Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you right away.

  • Man on the Hill Show: Host the world's only Fable-Opus Rock-Opera in your living room, small public venue, or full size theater.

  • Topper and Fed: Music and humor DO go toghether! And these two wacky guys will have you laughing and singing all night long!

  • Duncan Idaho: When you want to hear some good old rock and roll for your party or public event. Dance and sing the night away with this amazing trio.

  • John Stanley Shelley: John can fill the room with great songs and stories.

  • Other: Something else.


Thank you! we'll be getting back to you shortly.

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