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If you took colorful storytelling and crossed it with a rock opera, the result would be “Man On The Hill”, an uplifting musical for audiences of all ages.


After our last show in March, our long time drummer and brother, Stephen, had to leave the band.  Although we will always love him and miss him, the show, just like life, must move on.  After months of searching, we have finally found someone to fill his big shoes and we welcome Mr. Tim Ogle to our musical family.  It will take about six months till we are ready to take the show back on the road, so check back at the end of the year for updates and announcements.

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What People Are Saying

"The Next Jesus Christ Superstar"

At our last show we were asked why we aren't filling huge theaters yet? He went on to say that this was the most intense and moving show he had seen in a long, long time. Everybody needs to see this.  Boy, what a compliment!

"Amazing music. Great variety."

Enjoy a variety of musical styles. From ballads to rock and smooth jazz to country, your ears will never tire of the cascade of sounds and song throughout the night.

"Kept me wondering right to the very end"


Step into the world of an old man's life as he walks you through his loves, loses, hardships, victories, and celebrations. Each turning point or major event gets reflected in the next song. Thoughtful and intriguing.

"Very relatable. Really touched my heart."

Every part of the story is relatable and touching. Let yourself go and get emmersed in his world. Your heart will be warmed and your soul will be touched. 

"Finally, something fresh and new."

Isn't it time to see something new and different? A whole new set of songs that you will love and remember long after the show.

"Great Family Entertainment"

Open their eyes to your kids or grand kids. Let them experience the excitement and fun of live music, lights, and laughs.

From the playwrite/copmposer:

"Why hello there! Nice of you to drop by.  I had something I wanted to share with you.  A story, about a life.  My life, actually. But it could be about anyone's life really.  Why I'd be willing to bet you'll find parts of it similar to things you've gone through or perhaps even going through right now."

Those are the opening lines to the show.  In just forty-two seconds, the main character connects with each member of the audience in a deep and personal way. From that point on it is impossible not to be captivated by each and every twist and turn as the story unfolds.

After the opening monolog, the first song, "Rivers Rocks and Rain" will open your eyes and ears to a sampling of what is to come: an evening of powerful music that punctuates and enhances each moment as the night goes on. It's a cascade of musical styles that perfectly intertwines with a story that is infinitely relatable to anyone and everyone. 

Audiences are clapping, dancing, laughing, and singing throughout the show. Most will cry with tears of compassion and joy as the story nears the end. When you walk out of the theater you will feel uplifted and hopeful as you head home still singing the songs.

That is my promise to you.


"Man on the Hill is a fable-opus rock-opera: a musical work that tells a story through narration and song. 

The main character is an old man sitting in his living room reflecting back on his life. As he shares his stories, each major event or turning point is punctuated with a song. Forever in a quest for love and living a simple life, he struggles with heartbreak, finds companionship with a dog, tries to find his place in a discordant society, meets his soul mate, and retires on a hillside near the ocean.

Just like the story is filled with twists and turns, the music is a journey as well. It's a delightful mix of folk, rock, jazz, country, and heartwarming ballads. Your ears, your mind, and your heart will be enriched when you treat yourself to seeing "The Man on the Hill."

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