Christmas Delivery Game



There are two version your can order right now. The hand-made version or the factory version. (Click or tap "The Game" on the menu to learn more about game play.)


HANDMADE: Right now I am making these games with care and love in my basement. Each game takes about 18 hours to make so it is a very slow process. If you order a handmade version, you will get an autographed, numbered, and personalized game box you can proudly show off in your game display case. (You do have one of those, right?) All kidding aside, this is kind of like a Kickstarter or GoFundMe campaign in that I'm hoping to get enough pre-orders to be able to place my first order of games to be made by a manufacturer this spring. Your help and support is appreciated!


PRE-ORDER: Your other option is to pre-order one of the manufactured games. Pre-orders will be the first to ship this fall. A November delivery is guaranteed or your money will be refunded. Please don't wait to order yours... pre-orders will speed up the manufacturing process.


MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: I am 100% confident you and your family will love this game and play it year after year after year. If you don't like the game for some reason, I will refund you money and you do not have to ship the game back. I only ask that you give it to another family to try.


Order yours today so you can be playing this Christmas!




Christmas Delivery Game

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