This delightful children's book is written completely in rhyme. It is as fun to read as it is to hear. Join Snitch on his adventure as he tries to find the five magic crystals that will power the carnival. Help him solve the clues to know where to go. Learn about the value of selflessness. Hardcover book can be personalized with your child's name. Make it a family treasure.

Snitch the Fraccoon

Listen and Watch:

The history of Snitch the Fraccoon:

John Shelley, who usually spends his time writing and performing music took some time off a few years back and teamed up with his friend Stephan Walmar to write a book about Snitch the Fraccoon. A Fraccoon was the character created prior to that as part of the card game, Bag-O-Loot which he also invented two years prior. 

A Fraccoon is a half fox, half raccoon. In the game you need to be crafty like a fox and you steal cards like a raccoon so a 'fraccoon' seemed to be an appropriate character for the game. With the help of another friend, Larry Frates and John's wife, they made a full size costume of Snitch the Fraccoon who would march in parades. Kids absolutely loved him, so writing a book about him seemed like the next thing to do.

Like most kids, John grew up with Dr. Seuss books and always loved the rhythm and rhyme in those books. As a musician, rhythm and rhyme came easy to him, so that is how he set out to pen the book.

In the game, you are trying to collect sets of five matching cards, so the book was about Snitch trying to collect five magic crystals. The characters and friends that Snitch interacts with are just as loveable. From Tangerine Turtle, Melody the Mouse, Crimson the Crow, and of course the wonderful Mr. Wowee, everything in the book spells fun.

John is back to writing and performing music now, but he hopes to write book two someday with another fantastic adventure of Snitch and his friends.



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